Supercomputer SHIROKANE Usage Guide

The supercomputer system SHIROKANE at the Human Genome Center is the largest computer system in Japan in the life sciences, consisting of the archive disk of Shirokane3, which started operation in January 2015, Shirokane4, which started operation in April 2017, and Shirokane5, which started operation in April 2019. Thin, Fat, GPU, home disks, and archive disks are connected to the university and to the rest of the campus by high-speed networks.

The HGC does not in any way restrict usage of the supercomputer to academic institutions; we also welcome those in the commercial/private sector.

System Outline


Person Eligible for Use

The HGC system is open to registered persons engaged in genome research outside the HGC. You can use our service if you fall under any of the following.

  • The Staffs and students of graduate schools, universities, incorporated national colleges of technology, and joint-use facilities/institutions of universities.
  • Persons engaged in full-time research and who belong to an Independent Administrative Agency of a central government ministry such as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, or a central government agency.
  • Persons engaged in full-time research and who belong to an institution under the jurisdiction of the national government or a local government (authority) whose purpose is academic research.
  • Persons engaged in full-time research and who belong to an institution whose purpose is academic research, and which is an institution that is authorized by the Director of the Human Genome Center, the Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo (hereinafter, the “Center Director”).
  • Persons engaged in academic research having received a grant-in-aid for scientific research, etc.
  • Persons engaged in full-time research and who are participating in joint research under a contract agreement with an institution which employs person(s) falling under any of items 1-5 above.
  • Persons working for a private enterprise or other corporate entity and who have received usage authorization from the Center Director or Computer System Administration Committee, after passing a screening test.
  • In addition to those stipulated in each of the previous items, persons who have been specially authorized by the Center Director.

Notes for User