🔑Fix permissions

It is a tool to fix the state that it is not possible to log in because the home directory etc. are changed to an illegal permission.

Permission changes for SHIROKANE SSH login

SSH key authentication prevents you from logging in because you cannot authenticate if your home directory, .ssh directory, and other permissions are granted that are not appropriate, such as having non-owner access.
This page is designed to restore the inability to log in to SHIROKANE because permissions such as home and .ssh directories are incorrect.
By doing so on this page, you can change the permissions of the directories and files involved in the login to the appropriate ones.

To reconfigure the permissions of your home directory, .ssh directory, and authorized_keys file properly, click the button below. It will take about 5 minutes to change the permissions.

The permissions changes to be made are as follows.

  • chmod go-w,u+rwx ~username
    • The home directory should be write-protected except for the owner. Also, make the owner has read, write, and execute permissions. For more information on how to share data within a group, please refer to How to share data within a group.
  • chmod 700 ~username/.ssh
    • Make the .ssh directory accessible only to the owner.
  • chmod 600 ~username/.ssh/authrized_keys
    • Make the authorized_keys file such that only the owner has read and write permissions.